NutriPlex Foods

The Next Evolution of Food

NutriPlex’s researchers have spent years studying data that includes the most cutting-edge information available on the nutrient value of foods and the soil, disease etiology, cellular function the presence of nutrition and more.

All of NutriPlex Foods’ products are formulated in accordance with evidence-based scientific research that not only focuses on biochemistry but farming conditions, effects of food processing, types of seeds, synergistic effects of combining foods and much more.

We continually delve deeper into the science of how food and its biochemical make-up works within the body to bring about health, in order to keep improving our products.

Each product is researched according to various criteria that includes studies of safety against side effects, current university and food science findings (as opposed to decades-old assumptions), nutrient density, digestibility, possible drug contraindications and traditional usage supported by nutritional studies.